Thursday the 21st @ the ATA

8PM - Butterfly Kisses

10PM - Recalibration Party

Friday the 22nd @ the Balboa Theatre

12PM - Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night - Unreleased in the US

1:45PM - Short Footage Block 1

3:45PM - The Midnight Swim

5:25PM - The Night Trip - World Premier

7:10PM - The Blair Witch Project - 20th Anniversary VHS screening

9PM - El Sanatorio - Unreleased in the US

10:30PM - La Llorona Investigation (Police Re-cut) - World Premier

Saturday the 23rd @ the Balboa Theatre

11AM - Short Footage Block 2

12:45PM - Webcast

2:45PM - The Moose Head Over the Mantle

4:45PM - Drib

6:30PM - Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made - (Returns to SF!)

8:30PM - Followed

10:30PM - Murder Box - World Premier

Zach C. from Northern California uploaded this footage from his home security cameras shortly before he went missing. We (the UFF staff) have edited in some info for our film fest because we think this perfectly illustrates what we found footage horror voyeurs are after. Get home safe Zach!


Join us Friday, February 21st for a special 20th anniversary screening of The Blair Witch Project on VHS!

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The Unnamed Footage Festival will be returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, February 2019 for 3-days of Found Footage Horror/Faux-Documentary/POV Cinema


“UFF Re-calibration Party” - Thursday 2/21 @ the Artists Television Access

Unnamed Footage Festival - Friday 2/22 & Saturday 2/23 @ The Historic Balboa Theatre.

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The Overlook Hour Podcast has interviewed several found footage film makers, from Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) to David Stieve (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), in a continuing struggle to share the insight and inspiration behind creating a first person film despite general horror fan stigma. New episodes are released on all major podcast platforms every Thursday.


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All photo creatures exposed by Trevor Henderson

Trevor Henderson is a master of exposing unseen creatures and illustrator.

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