Find a corpse gripping a camera? Fake a documentary for a personal agenda? Wear a GoPro to invade someones privacy?

Send us the footage, people are dying to see it! ;)

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The Unnamed Footage Festival will be returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, February 22-23rd.

…More soon


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The Overlook Theatre is a bay area based site whose focus is promoting local events and cultivating a sense of community among genre film fans. In addition to bi-weekly screenings, weekly film release highlights, group film reviews, and think piece editorials, they have branched out into the podcast world, and are quickly coming up on the milestone hundredth episode of The Overlook Hour podcast.


The Overlook Hour Podcast has interviewed several found footage film makers, from Nigel Bach (Bad Ben Trilogy) to David Stieve (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), in a continuing struggle to share the insight and inspiration behind creating a first person film despite general horror fan stigma. New episodes are released on all major podcast platforms every Thursday.


All photo creatures exposed by Trevor Henderson

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